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Eluria88's Pregnancy

My Due Date: September 1, 2014
I have given birth!
Age: 34 years old
Location: Portland, United States

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Down 10lbs from pre-pregnancy weight :(
By Eluria88 » Posted Feb. 27, 2014 2:46pm - 362 views - 5 comments

Feeling really depressed that I can't seem to put on weight, instead I am losing it. Before anyone attacks me saying they wish they were like me, no, no you don't. After losing a child I want everything to be healthy I want to gain the weight I am supposed to gain, I could not handle losing another baby, and this whole weight thing is stressing me out, so no I am not lucky in the least bit. This is awful.

Everything people are telling me to eat just sounds gross. I cannot keep down any dairy, any strong flavors, no ethnic foods, and I am deathly allergic to peanuts and all tree nuts. When I do manage to eat it's usually just an apple or some watermelon. I was really into Pineapple for awhile but the citrus has started to irritate my mouth.

Now all I do is lay in bed at night thinking through what I ate for the day and I am ALWAYS coming to the conclusion that it wasn't enough. Even when I wasn't pregnant I could eat more. I have a stomach the size of a golf ball and no appetite. If I force myself to eat something I throw it back up, and it's not morning sickness, it's just that I apparently cannot stomach a lot of food, there's just no room.

At a loss as to what to do, I'm about to ask to be put on feeding tubes.

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Comment from chehowca » Posted Feb. 28, 2014 6:37am
Hi Eluria, your baby will not starve in there. Women in drought stricken areas regularly have babies. The baby will take what it needs from you, from your body, so you need to take care of yourselfl. You need to keep your body healthy for all the work being done. Whatever it is you can stomach, get a lot of it. Set a timer and have as much as you can eat every 1/2 hour or hour. Even if it is a little snack that you sneak in the bathroom at work (I know, sounds gross, but I know how work can be sometimes.) This will take a lot of effort, but I know that you will be able to do it. Focus on small steps (meals) and release yourself of the worry of having 3 square a day plus snacks. Eventually your stomach will start to expand and you will feel as though you can eat more. One foot in front of the other, you can do it!!!

Comment from Eluria88 » Posted Feb. 28, 2014 3:33am
Doctor's know about the weight they're the ones that want my up 3lbs from pre-pregancy by march 20th so now I have to gain 13lbs... I had my thyroid checked in Nov for a heart issue I was having then again in Dec as part of their normal pregnancy panel, and all was fine. I've had 7 blood draws due to high risk and everything is fine... Only issue so far is my weight and the baby measuring even smaller than before when It was already a week behind. Just stressing out over it, I will never forgive myself if the baby starves to death in there.

Comment from Amarylis13 » Posted Feb. 27, 2014 8:57pm
I am losing weight too and have no appetite. It turns out my thyroid is most likely low and I am getting more blood work to confirm before I get a prescription. Maybe yours is too? My dad has hypothyroidism and is very thin so weight gain isn't set in stone for it. Also I was very ill with my daughter until 20 weeks. I could eat lots after that point. My advice right now is eat whatever you can stomach and eat as much as you can. Currently I live on chocolate and Popsicles. It is better than nothing.

Comment from eat2nourish » Posted Feb. 27, 2014 6:30pm
Many years ago I babysat (her other kids) for someone who was in a similar boat as yourself when she was pregnant. She managed to keep down only small amounts of very bland foods and liquids throughout the day. I recall making her toast, rice without butter or salt, chicken broth (only) soup and I can't recall what else, but it really helped her and her baby came out fine and really smart and sweet. I agree with mrsamanda, talk to your doctor because you want to make sure you're giving that little bean the best hydration/nutrition you can since he/she can't fend for him/herself yet.

Comment from mrsamanda » Posted Feb. 27, 2014 3:15pm
Just talk with your doctor about your concern. A lot of women lose weight in the beginning and start to gain a little later, especially if you can't keep any food down.

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