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Category: Pregnancy & Work

Asked by hopefullll

Q: Will taking short term disability affect maternity leave benefits?

So, as of Firday, I have now been transferred to high risk. I talked to my boss about work restrictions she said to me is that they will accommodate me however possible but that she is worried for me in the later stages of pregnancy (because of the type of work I do) and will gladly give me all the paperwork necessary for taking short term disability before my maternity leave if my cardiologist thinks it would be best. So my question to you ladies is, will taking STD effect my maternity leave pay? It would be through my work and therefore not through EI so surely it wouldn't effect my mat pay would it? Would I still have to make sure my 600 hours are in before I leave on STD to receive full benefits of mat leave? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just a little nervous as to how this all works and wouldn't want to screw myself over for going on short term. Also, I live in Ontario.

This question was asked May. 14, 2013 9:35pm
Category: Pregnancy & Work

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Answered by Noxidsl - May. 16, 2013 5:34am
My HR department told me that being off on short term would protect my mat leave and EI as long as I met the requirements of short term (for me a letter every month from my doctor). I think as long as your doctor requires it and backs it up it is all good. My wages are reduced while on sick leave so I am topping it up with my banked hours to maintain my wage for EI...I don't know if it would make a difference but I thought I would be better off safe than sorry...and less time on reduced income :)
If in doubt just call your local EI office...don't have to give them a name just ask the question.
Good luck!

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Answered by Emma82v - May. 14, 2013 9:47pm
Not entirely sure about Ontario but I do know here in quebec (ei is a federal
Program-> which parental/maternity leave falls under even though it is administered provincially) I do beleive it COULD affect your entitlement UNLESS it is required by physician for medical reasons which then your STD should be credited to your working time anyhow. Regardless of if it is insurance or government paying STD thy will want to know about it and the reason WHY you were on it should be the determining factor as to how thy handle it. Good luck !

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