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music-chan's Pregnancy

My Due Date: August 24, 2014
I have given birth!
Age: 43 years old
Location: Toronto, Canada

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The happy story
By music-chan » Posted Oct. 31, 2014 2:43pm - 411 views - 0 comments

I stopped updating to this site after a while. Working and being pregnant was just too busy and exhausting.

My pregnancy went fine though. Around week 25, we discovered that the baby had bilateral clubfeet. Not the best news but not the worst either. Everything else was perfectly normal. We also discovered around that time that the baby was most likely a boy, but we kept that information to ourselves in case it was discovered to be wrong. As you can tell from the birth announcement, it was not but we still wanted to make sure most of our baby stuff was gender neutral and, for the most part, it is.

Near the end of my pregnancy, my blood pressure started to rise so my doctor decided to induce a week before my due date. The baby was fine so it was a good time to get him out just in case problems would arise while we waited for him to come on his own. Well, he must have been ready because I was induced Friday night just before midnight and I started getting real contractions around 3am. They weren't too bad at that point so I tried to get some sleep but they woke me up at 6am and it all snowballed from there. My water broke around 8am while I was in the shower and we managed to get ourselves to the hospital by 9:30am.

The initial labour was very painful. I don't know if the inducing caused it to be more painful but I couldn't even sit down while I was having a contraction and they were coming every 1-2 minutes. They tried morphine but it didn't help at all so around noon I got an epidural. After that, the next 7 hours was just resting and waiting to dilate, oh, and making sure my husband actually got some food for himself. It was actually pretty boring and I spent a while on twitter chatting with a friend of mine while technically in labour. Ha!

Around 7:30-8pm, I was fully dilated and we decided to start pushing even though the baby wasn't quite as low as they wanted. It wasn't too bad, the pushing, but it got more and more painful the lower he got. The epidural did very little for the intense pressure down there. They discovered at some point that I had a septum, a thin membrane that was stretched down a part of the cervix, but was hoping it would stretch out of the way on it's own. It didn't so around 10:30 or so, they snipped it and I was able to keep pushing. After an intense few seconds of the worst pain I could ever imagine, our baby finally arrived at 10:57pm.

There was a bit of bleeding so my husband got to hold him while the doctor and nurses were taking care of me. I had to rest for a bit before we could be moved out of the labour room to a normal one but aside from some lost blood and some stitches, everything was fine.

It's two months later and we're all very tired and there have been challenges we weren't expecting, but we're getting through. Soon we'll be into the happier stage of baby raising and all three of us will be more cheerful.

Here's to everyone's successful pregnancies and a Happy Halloween!

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