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15 Weeks Pregnant

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

*Counting from the first day of your last menstrual period

Your Baby at 15 Weeks

Your baby is the size of a apple at 15 weeks pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week Size: 3.98 inches (10.1 cm)
Weight: 2.47 ounces (70 grams)

With arms and legs that are proportionate and still growing, your baby enjoys stretching his legs, wiggling those toes, and even bending knees and elbows. Your little one now looks like a tiny person, although his skin is still very translucent. With thin skin and visible veins, your baby is not quite ready to pack on the pounds.

More of the very fine hair, lanugo, is growing all over your baby's skin; it should continue to grow and insulate your baby until about your 28th week.

Mom at 15 Weeks Pregnant

Mom at 15 weeks pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week Has your belly popped out yet? What a difference a week makes; this week you may notice that your belly is definitely a lot rounder. As your baby is growing your internal organs are still moving around to accommodate him; you may find that while you still get ravenously hungry, you just don't have the room to eat a large meal. To combat this, break your meals up into smaller portions that can be eaten throughout the day.

Have you noticed that you are now suddenly incredibly clumsy? Missing the wastepaper basket when you go for a free throw? Tripping over your own two feet? Did you walk out of the house this morning without your shoes on? Along with all of the other parts of pregnancy, many women find that they tend to get a little bit scatterbrained as their pregnancy progresses. Stumbling over their own feet is often caused by the fact that their bodies center of gravity has changed with the growing belly. Avoid wearing heels and uncomfortable shoes; this will only make it much more likely that you trip and stumble.

While you may be frustrated with your lack of coordination, you can feel comforted by the fact that soon you will start to feel those little kicks, wriggles, and backflips that your baby is doing!

Common Symptoms:
Retaining water and swelling, all over, is an annoying part of being pregnant but it is a fairly normal part of the process of creating a new person. With swollen fingers and ankles you may feel like you slosh when you walk! Be sure that you keep on drinking your water in order to flush out your system as much as possible. You may need to make increased trips to the bathroom, but your shrinking bladder with baby pressing on it is going to take you in that direction anyway.

As your belly is growing and your body is preparing for the job of pushing your baby out, your joints and muscles are getting a little bit looser every day. This may result in a few painful twinges. Round ligament pains can be especially uncomfortable for some women; sharp pains felt in your abdomen or even in your groin area can be contributed towards the round ligament pains. Be sure that you mention these types of pains to your doctor. While they are an expected part of pregnancy, it is always better to rule out the possibility that they may be attributed to something more serious.

Weight Gain:
At your routine doctor visits your weight will be checked and charted by your doctor. At this point in your pregnancy you really should not have gained much more than around 7lbs. Your body's blood volume has increased and that can certainly add as much as 5lbs over the course of your pregnancy. However, it is important to make sure that your weight is not shooting upwards in an unhealthy manner as this can not only make your pregnancy much more difficult for you when you are carrying extra weight, but it can also potentially have a negative impact on both your health and the baby's health.

Keeping up with your exercise regimen, even if you are simply taking a walk or are doing pregnancy yoga, the more active you are the better you will feel.

Prenatal vitamin persistence. Prenatal vitamins can be hard to stomach when you're still heaving at every opportunity. Many women complain that their PNV makes nausea worse or causes constipation from the high iron content. If your doctor approves, you may try taking two chewable children's multivitamins until your nausea begins to pass over the coming weeks.

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** Note: Every baby develops at a different rate. The numbers provided are averages based on a "typical" pregnancy. Your baby's size and weight may vary significantly. Your healthcare provider is the best person to interpret information on your baby's size, weight, health and development during your ultrasounds and pregnancy.

Community Comments (19)

Comment from MillerbabyThree » Posted Mar. 2, 2013 8:10am
15wks 3 days i still have no bump its a small bump.. :( but the I morning "all day" sickness has came back and it sux..

Comment from Britneylovexo » Posted Dec. 29, 2012 5:17am
Still no bump this week. My tummy is still flat and this is not even my first baby. ???

Comment from sarahbauer2013 » Posted Dec. 15, 2012 11:40am
i am also 15 weeks today and this last week by nausea morning sickness and come back too... :( i just cant wait till baby comes tho.. itll totally be worth it:)

Comment from ifemii » Posted Jul. 30, 2012 10:29am
15 weeks already. am happy but the nausea and vomiting is back and worse. started showing at 9 weeks.

Comment from Kfinzue » Posted Jun. 6, 2012 8:01am
15 weeks in two days. Can't wait to feel baby wiggling, but I've got a bit of a bump that popped out this week (although you can't see it if I'm wearing a shirt!) So happy (:

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