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Category: Pregnancy Complications

Asked by jennyjoe

Q: Fertility treatments

Hey everyone! I think I need to say something. There are many people here who've faced troubles conceiving. Some can't even after years. For this reason, I'm so glad that assisted conception methods exist. They've done us a huge favor indeed. Personally, I think surrogacy's the most efficient way. But I totally get the hype with IVF. You get to carry your own baby with it after all. Anyway, my main point here is that clinic choosing is perhaps the most important step in this decision. There are some clinics nowadays that just don't care enough to reply. I've had an experience with Adonis as such. I sent them quite a few emails wanting to inquire about their treatments. But they don't ever reply. I would suggest not going to them. I found another clinic which is so great! I hope everyone going through the same something might be able to benefit from this alert. Good luck!

This question was asked Jul. 7, 2018 1:48pm
Category: Pregnancy Complications

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Answered by SelenaJones - Jul. 7, 2018 2:30pm
Well, yes! I completely agree. Assisted conception is really a miracle for women like us. Who can't conceive. So, yeah! That's how it goes! I'm also having an IVF later this year at a repro center in Kiev. As I've got PCOS. Secondly, yes! That's how it goes! You're right! I've also heard of this unprofessional behavior. I don't understand that companies still think that it's more important just to earn money. Anyway! Best of luck! I hope it goes fine for you. Stay blessed! :)

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