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Category: Miscarriage & Loss

Asked by mamabear22

Q: Possible blighted ovum

Had my 1st US today. From my calculations I should be 7 weeks 6 days. 6 years ago I had a blighted ovum & so today as I went into my US I felt nothing but anxiety. Sure enough they do an abdominal US & can't see anything. Changed to transvaginal & there is a gestational sac & a yolk sac, but they couldn't see a fetal pole & said I was measuring at 6 weeks and some days. I have a repeat US scheduled in 1 week. I am getting mixed reviews on if a blighted ovum can show a yolk sac or not? My blighted ovum from 6 years ago there was no yolk sac, so I wish I could feel positive about that, but I just don't. I don't know what to think. As hard as I am trying to stay positive, I also want to be realistic so I am not even more devastated in 1 week.

This question was asked May. 29, 2019 8:49pm
Category: Miscarriage & Loss

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Answered by brittanyadams - Sep. 20, 2021 6:27pm
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Answered by MalPal85 - Jun. 24, 2019 6:38pm
I had a blighted ovum in January 2015. They did see the yolk sac but no fetal pole. I'm honestly not sure when you are suppose to see the fetal pole so I don't want to speculate but know that I understand your anxiety! Best of luck to you.

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