23 and nice and breezy

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I am 23 weeks and 1 day, and to be honest i feel great.

Even if i have broken a chair in the shower and needed help up, developed a nice case of heartburn which has nothing to do with the heart, gotten gigantic breasts, done some random vomiting and grown 2 stretch marks.

I went bra shopping….. UGH not something you wanna do when you are in breast denial, my boobs were already large enough and actually make me look fatter than i really am, so when i had to grab a size E cup bra i was slightly mortified and even fearing for the life of my unborn child because when he has to try drink from these things he might need some life insurance.

I’ve done some vomiting, in nice scenic places actually, so at least its pretty and there’s not many cars around, makes the experience that whole bit more enjoyable. Mainly for the husband who is driving and gets to look around or update his Facebook status. The husby seems to be slowly realizing that we will have a baby soon.  It is hard to believe, even for me! So imagine how hard it is for the husby.

I also had an ultrasound for the 20 week mark check up, and we got the famous Mr. Beardface or Mr. Mumble face, we had heard our friends talk of this guy and till that day we had only seen him. We had heard lots about how hard it was to understand this ultrasound tech and we were yet to have him and when we got there and realized we got him i was super excited just because i wanted to see what he was like, i even squealed a bit.

Through out the U/S i found myself giggling at him, mainly because i had NO idea what he was actually talking about. You kinda had to catch on to the ends of words to make some sense but it was so awkward at one stage where i replied with the wrong thing and he just looked at me like i was the one mumbling for our entire 1 hour appointment. All in all though he was the nicest U/S tech we had ever had…..maybe because we couldn’t understand him? We have to go back again between 28-32 weeks because my placenta is being an idiot and hanging out way to close to my silly cervix. So we just have to make sure i give birth to a baby and not the placenta first. Imagine if they got all confused and after hours of birthing they do this, “CONGRATULATIONS here is your beautiful placenta, its a placenta” I would be all like “ummmm wow its larger than i thought, how cute, i shall name it ‘Centa’.

These last few weeks have been quiet and lovely and i am really enjoying being pregnant, and i really can’t believe ill be holding a lil fetus in my arms in less than 17 weeks. Lets hope the rest goes as smoothly.

Peace. xxx


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