Bloated, Bleeding & Hungry

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At 23 weeks and more than half way there my two main pregnancy complications seem to be associated with the eternal feeling of hunger followed by annoying bloating only to be followed by some more hunger. It’s a vicious cycle I tell you!  I’ve only gained 4 lbs since my  first weigh in at 13 weeks so I guess I won’t be a roly poly after all. I only gained 26 lbs for my first child & she was 9 lbs 3 oz! I was ALL belly ,as they say, in my last trimester and quickly shed the weight after her birth but truly that was the least of my concerns as I downed jars of olives & pickles. NOW with this pregnancy I’ve been craving an unusual amount of sweets; ice cream, yogurt, lots of fruit & my NOLA favorite treat-SNOWBALLS always with condensed milk.

Along with all the daily, normal stresses of carrying a human life, which are in the same light such beautiful stresses, I have been concerned with my diagnose of Marginal Placenta Previa a condition which seems to be one of the more serious one of pregnancy. I have been encouraged by my Dr’s words & various accounts I have read of the placenta positioning itself in the correct spot as the pregnancy progresses. Another point of HUGE encouragement is that Baby Love is very active and constantly moving around my lower abdominal area. When I was hospitalized 2 weeks ago for my bleeding episode, I was told that ANY bleeding afterwards would result in further hospitalization and I did and DO NOT like this prospect at all.

I have had spotting consisting of light, brown substance which I am self diagnosing as old blood being flushed out so I’ve not made any rash, panic filled calls to the Dr or trips to the hospital. Today I notice light, pinkish spotting and had a very small clot (about dime size) something that has concerned me but again I am not rushing out to the hospital especially since I have an U/S appointment with a Perinatal doc to monitor my PP. I figure I will just monitor any more spotting or bleeding and report it to my OBGYN & the specialist tomorrow.

Although I am concerned about these symptoms of reoccurring spotting, I am not freaking out about it because I haven’t seen any more Bright Red Blood and hopefully this light spotting is my placenta migrating into it’s correct position and nothing more. I also have an immense amount of faith in this child’s destiny to be here. After years of not getting pregnant & being told by medical professionals that it would be pretty much impossible for me to conceive again due to fibroid tumor complications, all the sudden I just WAS–Pregnant that is! And without any treatments or major design just the way it should be. My growing baby wanted & fought to be here and a mere Placenta Previa will not keep US down!

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