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4/4/2011 1:50pm

Well, still no horrible symptoms at 6 weeks pregnant. I get nauseous sometimes at night but normally not bad and I’ve not thrown up yet. My pants and skirts don’t fit anymore. Of course, I’ve gained enough weight BEFORE being pregnant that they were already tight.

I told my dad and step-mom last night. I said, “Do you guys still have that cradle upstairs?” My dad has been trying to get me to take it for years. It was a cradle that was handmade for me when I was a baby and has been sitting in my parents attic ever since.
“Yeah” my dad says in reply.
“Well since we are here and we’ve go the van, we could pick it up.”
“If I want to give it to you.” My dad sarcastically retorted.
“Well, we are going to need it here pretty soon in the near future.” I replied.
“What!” “What!” my dad and step-mom screamed. My step-mom’s jaw dropped.
“November 28th.” I said smiling and nodding.
“Oh my goodness!” My step-mom replied. She pulled me in for a hug. “Congratulations!” They were both happy but my step-mom was very excited.
“Grandpa” my husband says to my dad.

Rob’s dad and his wife were pretty excited also. Both set’s of parents will be grandparents for the first time. Telling them and the excitement it brought has made me want to tell EVERYONE but I’m still only 6 weeks and my first check up isn’t until the 25th of this month. After my check-up, I will feel more confident in the pregnancy and we will probably start telling people then. I am very happy. Just trying to keep stress-free, continue taking my prenatal vitamins, and eat and drink healthy for my little one.

Right now, my baby is the size of a sweet pea. I am so happy.

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