And…I’m a wuss.

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6 weeks and I’m already letting hormones call the shots.  Lets just put it out there.  Morning sickness blows.  Since I currently work full time, I have been having to get up an extra hour early just to deal with morning sickness.  I’m one of those people who don’t deal with nausea well anyway so add heavy duty nausea to it and I’m done for.

Here was my morning routine:
-turn off alarm.  Eat a few crackers and 1/2 of an apple (yea, I keep them at my bedside now)
-Drag my butt into the shower where I don’t stand…I sit down in the tub with my head leaning against the tile wall.
-Exit shower.  Sit on the floor.
-Manage to talk myself into getting up and fixing myself a cup of tea and toast.
-After getting it down I rush around to get dressed and take the dogs outside.
-Once at work, I stare at my desk and shuffle things around until 11am.  At 11, I become functional again.  you know…. Until about 5pm.

After about 4-5 days of this I had enough.  I called my doctors office and spoke to my nurse.  She, the saint she is, called in a prescription for me.  She told me it wouldn’t make me feel 100% better but I would be able to at least function.

She gave me a wonder drug.  Okay its really not a “wonder drug” but I’m a human again.  I believe my husband thinks he has me back.   I’m still getting up early just in case but skipping the sitting in the tub and floor.  I also can now walk into the office and smile and speak to people prior to the lunch hour.

I’m not normally one who takes much medicine.  I go the extra mile to limit our preservative/additives intake, I try to tough things out without aid of medicine so going to medication so easily and quickly made me feel like a push-over.  The last thing I wanted to do was take any unnecessary drugs while pregnant with our first child but I guess life is trying to tell me I can’t control everything.

On a side note, my girlfriend (and cousin through my husband)  was out of town all week so I vented to her daily about how I was feeling.  She of course already has children so listened and gave me advice daily.  Yesterday her family got back in town and they showed up at our house bearing “maternity gifts!” Preggie Pops for nausea, Belly bars for when I’m hungry and on the go, and a Bella band so when I begin to show I can still rock my skinny jeans…at least for a little while.  Sometimes it helps to have someone super close that knows early on that can make you feel better.

With love,
The Mrs.

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I'm a southern twenty-something wife of four years that is looking forward to the adventure of motherhood. Prepare to listen to my rants and raves of pregnancy. Though I may complain on the regular I am very excited about what is happening! Comments are always welcome and I hope you enjoy my ridiculous confessions!

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  1. do the preggie pops work??? even with medicine i still have nausea…i;m starting to get a little annoyed with it..

    • Hi Jo! To be honest, I haven’t been able to try them that much. I’ve had all of two. I think they are a little big… they are larger than cough drops but they taste pretty good. The two I had today were eaten because I wasn’t a 100% sure if it was real nausea or hunger pains. (You’d think I’d know the difference)
      Last week in my hunt for Preggie Pops, I couldn’t find them so I got a bag of peppermint candies and life savers to suck on and they sort of helped. I think it was a little mind over matter and keeping my self occupied with sucking on candy. Also, apples. I don’t know why, I read it somewhere and decided to try it. Apples have helped curb a little of the nausea. Nothing has made mine go 100% away but I’m actually back to the land of the living.
      What meds are you on? I’m on the generics for Zofran and Phengran (spelling on both of those might be off!)

      I hope you are able to find something to help soon! I know its awful! The more I eat of those pops I’ll see if they “work” or not. They can be found at babies R us and maternity stores!

  2. Hey :)

    I was exactly the same, and it left at about 17 weeks! Now 22 weeks i am only very rarely sick. But reading that made me feel sick! OH and now i have to go on a hour and a half drive! NOOOOOO.

  3. Ohh Neekie! 17 weeks? How did you do it??? Everyone keeps saying this will pass and I’ll ‘forget’ about it but I think they’re crazy. This is miserable.

    I feel for you! Firday we’re meeting my parents at the lake 2 hours a way. I’m dreading the trip more than anything.

  4. thank you!
    i am on the same meds..i don’t like zofran very much…i feel that it doesn’t work as well. i have tried peppermint lifesavers!! oh, and lemon drops. those seem to work for me.

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