I grew a frikken Human today, what the heck did you do?

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Hello fellow preggos.

I’m sitting at 24 weeks pregnant in a really unattractive dressing gown in a hideous shade of orange, I am not wearing a bra and I haven’t showered yet, I haven’t even brushed my teeth and its 12:30pm, I have thrown a tantrum already because there was no hot chocolate left and very minimal milk and yep I almost did cry.¬†This is a typical day for me these days. I will get up and dressed before my husband gets home from his course so that I don’t look disgusting, and he won’t think ‘my god where did the woman i married go?’. Because that what all husbands with pregnant wives think right?

I think pregnancy is beautiful almost most of the time but right now I feel as beautiful as Ursula from ‘the little mermaid’, all I need is a triton and for Shaun to roll me in to the ocean out the back of our house so I can continue my plots to steal the pretty voices from those more talented than I. I mean GEEZUS at least Ursula can sing nice. I can’t even do that.

The other day I saw pictures of this really sexy pretty girl, i proceeded to analyse every part of my enlarging self and beat myself up at the fact my undies are size 14-16 and are too tight! I then sat a cried uncontrollably for a good hour and wanted to beat up anyone with a half decent figure that might have come near me. I am being too hard on myself, I know this as does every pregnant woman. But why can’t we ALL just embrace it? We not only have to handle that we are losing our bodies but we also may struggle to get them back afterwards as well. GOSH.

I did get a great piece of advice from a woman on our forum she said ” If your husband put on a heap of weight would it change how you felt about him?” My answer was no. I would adore him the exact way i have since we met. So Thank you :) You made me feel better.

So at the end of the day i all i can say is ‘I grew a human today what did you do?’



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My name is Antanika Holton and I'm up the Duff! I was born and raised in South Australia, had my first son Tosh when I was 20 years old and married my YouTube Rockstar Husband Shaun (Projected Twin) in November last year! We've settled into a happy little coastal town called Goolwa and are EXTREMELY excited to be awaiting the arrival of our first child together and Tosh's first little brother or sister! We had been trying to conceive since the middle of 2010 and unfortunately had to go through the ordeal of 2 early term miscarriages. BUT! We're in the clear and I'm here to count down to our beautiful baby with you!

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  1. Sounds like you’re going through a tough emotional pregnancy patch… I remember going through it myself when I was pregnant. I know, from experience, there isn’t much I can say to make you feel better, but doesn’t hurt to try :) From all the pictures I’ve seen you look wonderful! I’m currently scary underweight due to a still undiagnosed health problem and lost a bunch of weight and I can’t put it back on. I’ve lost my boobs, my hips, my butt…. ugh… I look at your pictures and I’m jealous of YOU! :) You’re all curvy and pretty! You just look so healthy! I miss being all rounded like a lovely pregnant lady! :P

    I hope you feel better soon, I know it’s tough, but I do remember that when I went through it, the feeling did pass – and it was before I gave birth. So don’t lose hope! You’re young and I think you’ll have no problem getting your figure back! Once you meet your sweet little boy, you’ll need those few extra pounds to keep up with his schedule and all the work of being a mom will burn it off pretty quick!

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