Pregnancy hurts but 17 weeks and I’m loving it!

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Hello week 17.  The official beginning of month 5.  Wow, has it really been this long already?

My body is changing so much and my attitude as well.  Now with the hormones coming back to a more manageable level I am not flying off the handle for outrageous reasons but now feel calm.

The one complaint I must share has been RLP (round ligament pain).  As one of my best friends informed me 2 weeks ago, “pregnancy hurts!”

This past week, we went on vacation with one of my other best friends,  her son and husband.  We had a blast at the beach but I started getting tired faster than them and obviously had to pee more often and constantly hungry.  After keeping a busy schedule all week and me watching the 18 month old while the adults had some fun by the end of the week, I was in more pain than usual and caught a cold.  So the last couple of days were mainly filled with me propping my feet up and taking long showers since everyone yelled at me every time I got in the tub.  (oh, how I miss a long hot bath…)

17 weeks is here, I’m excited.  I also think I started feeling the first flutters this week.  It was very exciting and I made my husband put his ear on my tummy a few times to ensure I wasn’t feeling normal stomach gurgles. I’m still not that big yet, with a total weight gain thus far being less than 5 pounds but I no longer look fat.  I look like Im pregnant.  I wasn’t so sure about that until I saw some photos this week of myself and there is no mistaking whats going on.  I love it!

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