The Worst Pregnancy Symptom: All day sickness

Posted on September 20th, 2011. Written by .

Weeks Pregnant: 17 Weeks Pregnant

Worst symptom so far: All Day Sickness

This symptom started: Week 7

Has it ended or is it ongoing? Around 16 weeks is slowed down considerably!

What I have learned about this symptom: If you can get through roughly 10 weeks of hellish nausea with help of medication, you can probably get through most things in life

Who did you seek advice from concerning managing this symptom: My doctor and her nurse – I was ill.  Ill to the point that I would spend the majority of my time on the bathroom floor

The advice I got: Not a lot I could do about it and that nausea was considered a good thing during pregnancy.  They gave me anti-nausea medication to help make me more comfortable and it helped… helped a lot.

Things I have tried to alleviate the symptom: B6, frequent snacks and meals.

What I found works best to alleviate or minimize the symptom: The drugs.  :)

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