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Joined Nov. 5, 2013 8:56am

Kitten90's Pregnancy

My Due Date: December 12, 2020
I am 32 weeks and 4 days pregnant » 52 days to go

My Journal

18 weeks... It's a boy!!
Posted 14 weeks ago - 150 views - 1 comment
We found out a couple weeks ago we are having another boy!so excited! Baby was super stubborn and it was as very difficult to get a clear shot but we got a couple obvious pictures lol... [Read more]
16w tomorrow!
Posted 16 weeks ago - 156 views - 1 comment
Gender reveal scan on the 29th!! Currently I'm 163 lbs, so only 3 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. I was chunky to start off with so no worries there. Hopefully I won't gain much more than 20 lbs th... [Read more]
12w. No twins
Posted 20 weeks ago - 111 views - 0 comments
Just one baby! I was really hoping for twins but I am equally happy that I have one healthy baby =) this doctor couldn't find anything at all that looked like another sac. She said it may have just be... [Read more]
11w. Gender reveal fail x3
Posted 21 weeks ago - 145 views - 2 comments
So twice now Sneak Peek was unable to test my blood. No clue why as I did everything exactly by the instructions. Then I found out that instead of doing NIPT, the doctors office ordered serum integ... [Read more]
10w. Sneak peek test fail
Posted 22 weeks ago - 102 views - 0 comments
They sent me an email stating my sample couldn't be tested. I assume the test itself was faulty because there was no visible anti-coagulation solution in the vial. They're shipping me a replacement te... [Read more]
8w update, twins!
Posted 23 weeks ago - 219 views - 4 comments
So, my gut feeling was right. Found 2 gestational sacs. Doctor could only find one baby but he couldn't really see well during the scan because according to him my bladder was too full (it was a trans... [Read more]
7w1d sneak peak test!
Posted 25 weeks ago - 109 views - 0 comments
So I ordered my sneak peak test today. Will take it next week when I'm 8+ weeks. 7 days til my first scan! Excited to find out if there's one or two babies in there. I've never had bloating like this ... [Read more]
6w1d morning sickness
Posted 26 weeks ago - 215 views - 0 comments
It has arrived. Was hoping to avoid it lol. 2 weeks to go til my ultrasound. I'm still hovering about 5 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. ... [Read more]