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Hopeforchildren's Pregnancy

My Due Date: January 8, 2020
I have given birth!
Age: 35 years old
Location: Lititz, United States

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27 weeks :D
By Hopeforchildren » Posted 33 weeks ago - 323 views - 0 comments

Things have been smooth sailing until about the 26 week mark when I had a major bump spurt with some fluid retention starting. Now, a week later, I have somewhat adjusted to the new size of my belly and the fluid has dissipated somewhat. I have to be careful constantly to maintain a healthy balance of diet, exercise, supplements, and general eating and sleeping habits. I am in a good routine right now but anything that threatens that balance is disheartening. I seem to have a setback in general wellbeing when I overeat, or when I am too sedentary, or stay up too late. Over the weekend I had an unbelievable episode of stomach cramping after staying up way too late, indulging in junk, and then taking probably too high a dose of a MILD (non stimulant) laxative before retiring for the night. I was in the bathroom 2 to 4am with sweats, shakes, and incredible cramping. Was so scared it might start or even be labor. I don't know if it was the constipation resolving from the laxative in which case it was justified, or whether it was my body reacting severely to the laxative which was just not necessary. Either way after a few horrific hours I was cleaned out to say the least. That part felt relieving but I was left feeling somewhat weak the entire next day. The constipation during my pregnancies is truly on another level being that when I'm not pregnant I already suffer. So when I found out I am slightly anemic this week and dr wants me on IRON, I was pretty defeated. The way my body works is I may go every day, but I don't actually go enough, and there is a slow buildup and then I get horrible cramping out of nowhere. I have been trying extremely hard already to do as much as possible to help ease and prevent constipation so it almost feels like adding iron is simply not an option. However, I have been feeling pretty darn exhausted so I reluctantly started it every other night with a host of remedies to combat the side effects - cardio every night, yoga intermittent nights, water to the max, increased my daily stool softeners, increased daily probiotic, walking like crazy, using my stand up desk at work and taking the stairs alot, eating fiber pills nightly, tons and tons of fruit, grape nuts on everything, and the list goes on. And I am pretty pleased to say that I'm basically no worse than pre-iron supplementation but dang if someone else had this routine they would never leave the toilet. And better yet, the exhaustion is basically cured which I find just amazing and miraculous. It is amazing what the body can do when it gets proper nutrients. So I'm definitely feeling like "I can do this" where last week I was very discouraged and uncomfortable. I feel like I learned so much from my first pregnancy and I'm determined to be healthier this time. I also think that on baby # 2 you are just TOUGHER! Other than all that, life at home is pretty great and I'm in my little sister's wedding this Sunday. I am thrilled and cant wait and I am already so emotional about it. My 3 year old is her god daughter and she is flower girl in the wedding. Weather looks like it'll be a beautiful fall day! I am so blessed! Happy Friday and farewell 2nd trimester!!!!!! PS passed gluten test with a 112 last week WOO HOO~

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