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Hopeforchildren's Pregnancy

My Due Date: January 8, 2020
I have given birth!
Age: 35 years old
Location: Lititz, United States

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33 weeks
By Hopeforchildren » Posted Nov. 20, 2019 3:57pm - 144 views - 0 comments

Went on a hospital tour this week for an all day childbirth class. It was nice to have a refresher but I was not fond of sitting in a classroom for that long on a Saturday even with breaks. I also had a yellow jacket land on my head during class??? WTF! I am glad we went though. We ended up leaving halfway through... the couch was calling my name. I had a painful week last week as I believe baby flipped head down after a long time breech. My uterus is happier this week but there are some breathtaking jabs into the pelvis. My cravings were insane up until this week, they are still there but less intense. I was told to eat lower carbs to get baby to a better size and prime for a vaginal delivery. Whatever that means. He's 95th percentile. I wonder if I'll meet him before Christmas? Literally just started crying at the emotion. So excited, and so scared. Home life has been productive despite all of us having a month long cold and cough. We got the living room painted and most baby supplies out of attic and washed. My 3yr old daughter has been alternating between being the light of my life and the most moody and evil creature to walk the earth. I think she is testing controls and she senses baby's arrival and my preoccupation. Been trying to get her out of the house as much as possible for her sake. I sometimes cry when I think about the guilt that I will have when things change when baby is born. I know it will be ok but it pains my heart so much because I love her so much. Tonight we are going back to the hospital for a sibling class for her. I hope she is in a good mood... All in all I cannot complain, we are surviving and things could absolutely be way worse than they are right now! Been listening to xmas music a lot, probably putting up the tree this weekend. Christmas with children is such magic! And everyday closer to it, is closer to meeting baby! Physically I feel decent, but like i'm wading through tar some days to get dressed and showered. Aches in lower back, shoulder blades, and at the base of my neck. I will take it over stomach problems, which have been at bay for the most part lately and I am so grateful. I got a B12 test at my last OB apt and that was apparently normal. I have been doing well on the iron every other day. The MFM specialists told me this week that my scar is 6mm and needs to be at least 2 for VBAC so that was good news. I don't like the MFM dr though - he made me schedule biophysical checks for baby once a week until delivery. I'm probably going to cancel them. It is the damn holidays and I'm about to be out of work 3 months not to mention the ob visits increasing...and most importantly why suspect any problems? Baby looks fine per the scans. Well that's all I can think of for now. Happy short week next week for thanksgiving :):):)

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