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My Due Date: March 27, 2019
I have given birth!
Age: 39 years old

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29 week update
By ericalee2 » Posted Jan. 9, 2019 3:37pm - 449 views - 3 comments

CMP tells me I am 73% complete, which is crazy to think I am almost 3/4 of the way done with this pregnancy. This pregnancy has seriously been flying by!

On Monday I had my growth ultrasound to make sure this velamentous cord insertion isn't affecting little handsome's growth. It is definitely NOT affecting it. This little mister jumped to the 85th percentile for weight and is still measuring ahead, so no need to worry about him not growing. I am more worried about my lady parts delivering this child if he keeps growing at the same rate! :) The tech at my ultrasound also discovered that he has quite a bit of hair already! She said it is pretty uncommon to see hair at this point and definitely uncommon to see the quantity that our little guy has. So now I am preparing to birth a baby that looks like he is wearing a wig. LOL. Big sissy was born with a TON of hair, but big brother just had a little bit. Time will tell!

I do not feel nearly as "nested" for this baby as I did with #1 & #2. I'm not sure if it is because this baby won't have his own room so we haven't been prepping a nursery and all that jazz like we did with Ellison and Enzo. He will be in our room for a while in a bassinet and then will eventually share a room. Although it is TBD if he'll share a room with Enzo right away or if Elle and Enzo will share for a while and then we'll move the boys to a room to share. It all depends on how good of a sleeper this baby is since I don't want him waking up Enzo a bunch of times unnecessarily.

We got rid of a lot of baby things after Enzo, so I am also waiting to collect items from friends to really feel prepared. I am meeting at the end of this week to pick up a bassinet and then in about a month I'll see a friend that has a baby bath tub and will also get a wrap carrier from another friend. I would still love to find an automated rock n play since both of our kids loved them and it saved our sanity with Enzo at night when he had colic. I would buy one new, but it just seems like a waste since baby might not even like it and we'll only use it for a few months before we absolutely know we will never use it again.

As for me I swear I hit the third trimester and my body was over being pregnant. I don't have nearly the energy I did even a few weeks ago, my joints hurt SO much when I have been sitting or laying for any period of time and try to get up. I am still making it to the gym for my workouts, but am definitely modifying EVERY move they have us doing. Despite remaining quite active and eating fairly well, the scale still seems to be going up, up, up at a fast clip. My body really likes to pad itself during pregnancy.

I passed my glucose test with flying colors! Woo! The lower end of the normal range is 70 and my result came back at a 63.... my body just loooooves sugar apparently. ;)

I talked to my OB and she thinks I can go to 40w with no intervention, which is crazy to think of since that was NOT the case with my previous pregnancies. She said I can get my membranes stripped as early as 38w though, so I think my plan is to try that at my 39w appt. We're meeting with our doula in a few weeks to go over everything, along with her backup. This will be our third birth with Alix for our doula, so it should be pretty seamless. At 36w I am going to attempt to start collecting colostrum to see if it will help with my milk production in general, and also give us a way to supplement in the hospital if we need it. Fingers crossed my ginormous boobs will actually have milk in them this time.

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from dakotagurrl » Posted Jan. 12, 2019 9:38am
Time is flying! It seems like just the other day I was reading about ur surprise BFP. Yay for almost being at the end!!

I'm glad the cord issue isn't an issue. I had that with Edie and it didn't affect her at all. Hopefully ur able to get ur hands on a rock n play. I just bought one on clearance (walmart.ca) for $50 (that's like $5usd lol). U can totally borrow it if u ever swing past Canada on ur way home from work! ;)

Enjoy the final weeks. I hope they move fast for u! xo

Comment from calvingirl » Posted Jan. 10, 2019 4:05pm
That all sounds wonderful! Congrats on your progress so far. Watching with anticipation.

Comment from Libelula264 » Posted Jan. 10, 2019 2:26pm
63?!?! Wow, that's amazing! I passed too but my number was 103. :)

Congrats on being 75% done!

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