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My Due Date: March 27, 2019
I have given birth!
Age: 39 years old

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Induction scheduled and other "fun" updates
By ericalee2 » Posted Mar. 6, 2019 7:27pm - 440 views - 2 comments

Had my OB appt on Monday and my doctor came in the room laughing saying "Wow, you certainly are great at growing babies! Here we were watching that the cord insertion wouldn't slow down his growth, and he is WAY ahead". Yuuuuuuup! Since he is measuring quite large, my OB recommended I be induced at 39w instead of 40w as planned. I hate the idea of an induction, but considering my immunologist always recommended I be induced by 39.5w due to my immune issues, it actually makes me feel a little better since I haven't been followed by my immunologist this go round.

My plan was to have my membranes stripped at my 38w appt next Wednesday, in hopes that it would make me go into labor like it did previously with my son. But obviously I should know that when it comes to birthing children you can't plan $h!t. Today I got my Group B Strep results back and... positive.. Boo, hiss! They had been negative for both of my previous pregnancies, so I wasn't even really entertaining it being positive. How foolish of me. Sooooo now I definitely cannot have my membranes stripped because it could possibly introduce the bacteria to the baby when they do the strip. And it also means I have to have antibiotics before I deliver... I was really hoping to avoid an IV. Like really hoping. But such is life. I now really hope I don't labor too quickly, so as to give them time to insert the line and get these antibiotics in me before little man is born. I do NOT want to have to worry about him picking it up on his exit and having to be monitored extra close. His health is priority #1!

So now I am kind of bummed and thinking that I might very well have to be induced on 3/20... Yuck. I still have PTSD from my daughter's induction. I feel more confident in my options and willingness to speak up than I did the first time, but still. That horrible word pitocin gets brought up early and often and I want to avoid that poison at all costs. Also -- who has done the balloon to dilate your cervix? My OB was saying yesterday that a lot of women think it is more uncomfortable than pitocin... which I seriously cannot imagine.

Anyone have any good home tactics to help encourage labor? Next Thursday, 3/14 I am going to see my acupuncturist to have her get the blood moving and see if that helps any. I also have been trying to express colostrum to give the baby after he is born (my supply has always been an issue) and the nipple stimulation is supposed to possibly help (bonus!). Sex is basically off the table for a week or so because my hubs goes in for his vasectomy tomorrow and I know you have to abstain for so many days after, so I can't count on the whole 'semen will ripen your cervix' thing.

If you have anything good, lemme know! Hopefully this guy plans to make an early departure on his own. That would be SWELL. :D

Oh, and I picked up another cold. I can't believe it. Influenza and a sinus infection end of January until almost Valentine's (followed by a yeast infection.. super!) and I have a cold again?! I am SO ready for spring and to have my immune system back. My sleep has been kind of crappy because I am so stuffed up, which is a rather cruel joke when you know you'll have a newborn within 2 weeks!

Happy Hump Day!

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from Libelula264 » Posted Mar. 17, 2019 6:06pm
Starting to stalk you for updates. How are you feeling?? I hope your cold is on its way out!

Comment from dakotagurrl » Posted Mar. 9, 2019 1:20pm
I am soooo excited for u! Unfortunately, I don't have any labour inducing tricks, I don't seem to do that without inductions. I had the balloon with Braelyn, I was already dilated somewhat so it didn't really serve its purpose, but I definitely wouldn't say it's worse than a drug induction.

Hopefully things can move along on their own. I really do feel ur pain. I was induced 3x and that shit is no joke. Take the epidural as soon as u can, don't suffer through it, u need ur rest to push. Will be stalking for updates! =)) xo

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