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14 Weeks Pregnant

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

*Counting from the first day of your last menstrual period

Your Baby at 14 Weeks

Your baby is the size of a lemon at 14 weeks pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week Size: 3.42 inches (8.7 cm)
Weight: 1.52 ounces (43 grams)

Baby's ears are now moving into their place on the side of the head while his eyes are also moving closer together. Your baby is looking a lot more like a little person, more and more every day. Tiny soft hairs, lanugo, have started to grow all over baby's body; this hair is thought to help keep him insulated and also to help keep him from developed the pruney look that we all get when we've been in water for too long. Hair may also start to form on his scalp and also where his eyebrows are eventually going to be.

Meconium has started to develop in your baby's intestines. Meconium is a sticky tar-like substance that essentially contains the waste matter that your little one is producing. The first few diapers that you change will have meconium in them.

While your little one is still very small, he is also incredibly active. He might start to hiccup now, too! With fingers and toes to wiggle, your wiggly worm just might discover how to suck his thumb, which will look adorable if you catch it on your next ultrasound. Those little fingers also now have fingerprints that are unique to him.

Mom at 14 Weeks Pregnant

Mom at 14 weeks pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week With the nausea hopefully behind you, your energy levels are picking up. Along with increased energy levels, you are also seeing a fair increase in your appetite for both food and liquids.

Your belly might feel a bit harder and, if you have a very small frame, you just might be able to see a distinct roundness on the large part of your abdomen. Even if you don't have a baby bump yet, you may still feel like you are bloated and swollen everywhere, however. Wearing your comfortable maternity clothes or even just a few elastic-waist pants will not just give people around you a bit of a clue that you might be in the family way, but the stretchy loose clothing will also help you to feel a lot more comfortable.

If you are wondering when your belly is going to "pop out" with a clearly defined pregnancy bump, it can be determined by a few factors.

  • The type of physical shape that you are in will determine just how early your body starts to look pregnant. Tightly toned abdominal muscles will take a little bit longer to stretch out while a belly that isn't very toned will show a bump a lot sooner.
  • If this is your second, or third, pregnancy you will show a lot sooner than you did with your earlier pregnancies.
  • Ladies who have a smaller frame will show their pregnancy bump a fair bit earlier than ladies who have a larger frame or are overweight.
  • If you are pregnant with multiples you will start to look pregnant a lot sooner than if you were pregnant with a singleton.
So long as your doctor is happy that your baby's growth is on track there is nothing to worry about if it takes a little long for your belly to pop.

Remember how tired you felt in the first few weeks of your pregnancy? Your sex drive likely suffered from the crummy way that you were feeling, right? Well, with the improvement of your overall well-being, you might just get that frisky and flirty feeling back! Your partner is sure to appreciate this.

Common Symptoms:
If you are still feeling a bit queasy in the mornings you should be sure to have a light breakfast snack before you head out for the day; this can give you a quick energy boost and should help to keep you from the urge to throw up.

As your uterus is growing to accommodate your growing baby, you may feel a few tugs, pulls, and sensations that feel like contracting muscles. This is all part of your body preparing to further accommodate baby. Your organs need to start shifting out of the way so that your baby will have more room to grow. Both your bladder and your stomach are going to have a lot less space to expand into. This could see an increase in your runs to the potty as well a few other gastrointestinal upsets that could be annoying. Frequent flatulence, indigestion, and heartburn are all a part of pregnancy and may stick with you for the rest of your pregnancy.

Weight Gain:
Your weight should not really be fluctuating too much either way at this point. Certainly you can expect to see a small increase as you start to feel better and your appetite starts to return; however, there are still a few things to keep in mind as you start to eye all types of goodies.

Some women experience stomach upsets during pregnancy; you may already be experiencing the bloating, flatulence, and the incredibly painful heartburn that can often be associated to pregnancy. Try to stay away from foods that are high in fats, oils, and especially try to avoid food that has been deep fried. Not only will your body thank you for it, but you will feel a lot better for your healthy decisions.

Take medications with caution. What was safe before you became pregnant isn't safe now. Don't assume that even a minor cold medication or cough syrup is okay for your baby. Make sure to ask your doctor before you take any medication - even if it seems like a small matter.

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** Note: Every baby develops at a different rate. The numbers provided are averages based on a "typical" pregnancy. Your baby's size and weight may vary significantly. Your healthcare provider is the best person to interpret information on your baby's size, weight, health and development during your ultrasounds and pregnancy.

Community Comments (10)

Comment from rossbach » Posted Jul. 9, 2012 8:24am
im 14 weeks today yey!!!so exciting

Comment from oubline » Posted Mar. 17, 2012 11:47pm
Wow sorry for the previous message lol (tired) What I was trying to say is i'm happy to start the second trimester and I'll be even more happy to start my third trimester. Also I really CAN'T wait to hold my baby in my harms

Comment from oubline » Posted Mar. 17, 2012 11:42pm
Very happy to be at start the second trimester. I'll be even more happy when the in my third trimester. I really just can wait to hold my lil baby :)

Comment from *blessing* » Posted Nov. 13, 2011 12:30pm
sooo glad im finally 14weeks today!!!! i cant wait to have the baby im so excited an hope time doesnt drag on by.. anyhow happy+healthy 9months to us all :)

Comment from 2Beemee » Posted Oct. 5, 2011 1:06am
14weeks! This week was a tough week for me! I went to this wedding. Ate,danced and when I got home,I wa SICK all night!!! Headaches,VOMITING so much I started cramping! By 3am I was a mess! On a happier note,been feeling flutters on my belly.. I PRAY my baby is ok!!

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