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33 Weeks Pregnant

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

*Counting from the first day of your last menstrual period

Your Baby at 33 Weeks

Your baby is the weight of a pineapple at 33 weeks pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week Size: 17.20 inches (43.7 cm) - crown to heel
Weight: 4.23 pounds (1918 grams)

Calcification has allowed baby's bones to harden, and key minerals and nutrients are helping your baby grow and develop quickly. Continue to take your prenatal vitamins to help baby get everything he or she needs in the coming weeks. How big is your baby this week? Pick up a pineapple for a close comparison.

Your baby is also taking in your maternal antibodies - which will protect him or her from germs after delivery. Your baby will develop their own immune system in the coming months, but during the earliest weeks, your baby's body will be protected by what you pass on in utero.

Your baby's lungs are almost mature now. If born now, he or she could survive in an incubator - and probably with a bit of help from modern medicine. If you are expecting more than one baby, they may be born this week - though a longer stay in your belly is certainly better. Your baby should be in a head-down position (where they may have been for many weeks) but if not, don't panic. There's still a bit of time for a flip, but that margin will be narrowing quickly.

Mom at 33 Weeks Pregnant

Mom at 33 weeks pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week By now the uterus is more than 5 inches from the belly button - and it may feel like it can't get any bigger. The average weight gain at this week in pregnancy is between 22 and 28 pounds (though some people gain much more, or less).

Sleep may be elusive this month and pregnancy insomnia may be in your future too. With all of the nighttime bathroom breaks, your racing mind and crazy dreams, getting comfortable and sleeping for any significant length of time can be a challenge. One bright spot in your sleepless future - it will prepare you for your sleepless nights after baby comes.

Common Symptoms:
In week thirty-three you can expect still more trouble walking, sitting, and just moving around. As your uterus expands upward and presses on your diaphragm, even breathing can be a challenge. As the weeks progress and you get closer to delivery though, your baby will drop lower into your pelvis and take some of that pressure away - allowing you to take a better breath.

If the bathroom doesn't feel like your second home yet, just hang on. Urinary frequency should have been back for several weeks by now, but if not, baby's weight will soon keep your bladder from expanding fully - meaning more trips to the ladies room.

Forgetfulness and lightheadedness with movement may also start this week. If so, you can pin it all on hormones and try to take it with a grain of salt. These weeks will pass quickly and you will be back to your normal self after delivery.

As your amniotic fluid levels begin to slow down, your baby's movements may begin to feel more sharp this week as the fluid padding you had before is reduced.

Weight Gain:
Now that you have entered into the last trimester of pregnancy, you will have gained about 25 to 30 pounds. Some women will gain about a pound a week until the end of the pregnancy. But half of that pound will go to the baby in the final weeks, as the rest is distributed to the growing placenta, blood, and breast tissue (and maybe a bit for the hips too). Over the last 6 to 7 weeks, your baby will gain about half of their birth weight, as he or she prepares for life outside of the womb.

Your growing belly may make for some sexual intimacy struggles around this time. A little creativity may be needed so that you can find a comfortable position. Don't worry though - sex is generally safe as long as you have no preterm labor symptoms, and can be continued until your water breaks or labor starts. Be aware that orgasms may also trigger minor contractions, and a fragile cervix may cause some mild bleeding after intercourse too.

Videos - 33 Weeks Pregnant

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** Note: Every baby develops at a different rate. The numbers provided are averages based on a "typical" pregnancy. Your baby's size and weight may vary significantly. Your healthcare provider is the best person to interpret information on your baby's size, weight, health and development during your ultrasounds and pregnancy.

Community Comments (10)

Comment from Preciousbby4 » Posted Jun. 29, 2013 2:59am
yay 33 weeks!!! Getting things ready for our baby!

Comment from lunaneil » Posted Jun. 26, 2013 5:12pm
I'm ready for this to be over! Also feeling lik a crazy personl It's been really tough keeping up with my full work schedule. My house which is normally spotless is a complete mess! Ready to meet baby girl!

Comment from babyboy33 » Posted May. 7, 2013 9:54pm
Same here can't wait to meet baby boy:) I'm feeling vey heavy and look like I swallowed a football. Baby boy is still in breech position! I too am so grateful I'm pregnant xxx

Comment from bauer87 » Posted May. 7, 2013 5:48am
33 weeks and I'm a hormonal mess! I threw my dinner at dh last night went and cried for an hour and then went to the gym to swim and realized open swim was closed so I cried some more! I feel really crazy.

Comment from 2Beemee » Posted Feb. 8, 2012 11:34am
33 weeks!! A rollercoaster ride of emotions.. Am EXCITED at how closer I am to seeing my little prince...and yet a little scared as well. Am so glad to be pregnant and am LOVING my pregnancy!! Sleeping positions are a bit of a challenge.. And if I stand for long,baby stretches a lot and so when I sit,its sooo uncomfortable for a while!! I thank God for my baby!!!!

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