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Headaches, what gives?
I don't remember having headaches with my last pregnancy but my husband seems to think I did. I'm sick of having them. I just ha... [read more]

Asked by MalPal85 - Jan. 29, 2019 2:47pm - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
NT Scan
I am told I need to do an NT Scan at 6months. what is an NT SCAN? what is it all about.... [read more]

Asked by myself - Jan. 24, 2019 12:01pm - Category: Is It Safe?
Early labor signs?
The last few days, maybe the last week, I've had loose stools and sometimes diarrhea. And the bm's are more frequently than normal... [read more]

Asked by Lilemu2 - Jan. 5, 2019 6:02am - Category: Labour & Delivery
Does internal or pelvic exam can cause miscarriage? I lost my baby last Dec 5 2018, I was about
My 1st OB appt was Nov.19 due to my LMP I was 5-6wks preg and he found the utz strange he's not seeing anything yet. He saI lost m... [read more]

Asked by Jessica87 - Dec. 9, 2018 9:41pm - Category: Miscarriage & Loss
Holy dry mouth!
I'm almost 32wks pregnant and I had a cold maybe 2 weeks ago. Ever since then, every night I try to sleep I wake up around 3am wit... [read more]

Asked by Lilemu2 - Nov. 29, 2018 5:21pm - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
Only small sack seen on 5w0D ultrasound
HI there. I am pregnant with my 5th baby. Very much a suprise as my tube were tied after my last cesarean. I had an early ultraso... [read more]

Asked by Muma21more - Nov. 19, 2018 2:57am - Category: Newly Pregnant
How many people have had there nub theory looked into and all said boy and turned out to be wrong
I sent my scan picture off at 12 weeks 4 days and everyone said boy ...I have 4 boys already and was kinda hoping for a girl but w... [read more]

Asked by Tiggatigz - Nov. 16, 2018 8:42pm - Category: Baby Showers
NST ans BPP experiences
Eecently diagnosed with gestational hypertension now have to begin weekly NST and BPP would like to know what actually occurs dur... [read more]

Asked by aprilluvsmoz - Nov. 9, 2018 9:12pm - Category: Pregnancy Complications
Brown spotting at 14 weeks.... Scared... Pls advice
Hi I am 14weeks now. Since last two days, I am seeing brown spotting and a bit scared. I had last ultrasound at 13 weeks and hear... [read more]

Asked by pupul30 - Oct. 19, 2018 5:33am - Category: Is It Safe?
Cervical shortening possible steroid shots
I had my 26 week prenatal visit today. My ob went over my anatomy scan which I have to repeat next Friday. I brought up that the h... [read more]

Asked by aprilluvsmoz - Oct. 18, 2018 8:10pm - Category: Pregnancy Complications