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It’s about me time…

I’ve never really had a blog before or felt i had the time for one… The closest thing I’ve had was a Xanga.

Yes, I know those are old now.

Okay, so here we go……


My name is Jordan, but I go by Jo a lot.

I’m 23 years old and i have been married for 4 years, 10 months, 3 weeks, and 1 day!!

I am a mother to three children and 46 days ago I found out I was PREGNANT!!

Tomorrow I will be 10 weeks!! It’s crazy! One of those things where the pregnancy hormones should be settling down… Ha! I have begun to think that they are actually getting worse!

Here’s a bit of info regarding this baby:

“1dpo- i had pretty bad o cramps
2dpo- severe uti feelings and frequent urination
3dpo uti feeling, frequent urination, light pink to light red spotting some cramping
4dpo- uti feeling, frequent urination, light pink/light red spotting some cramping
5dpo uti feeling, frequent urination,

I had nausea, indigestion,sore throat, constipation, increased cm, stuffy nose, cramping, bloating, now this morning i went against my better judgement of waiting and figured what the hell I’ll pee and see what happens… immediately I saw the result before the urine was even across the test line. faint light pink line….. I am in shock! I’m also a bit skeptical. Is it possible? I believe I had implantation bleeding on days 3-4dpo!”

This is actually from the website I joined

Since my discovery I have gone on to join

It really it a wonderful site… allows you to keep track of your pregnancy and others. Gives you a place to talk to other people all over the world who are pregnant and going though similar situations!

Another website I really rely on is I having been using this website sine my first pregnancy back in 2006.

That discovery was quiet a shocker!! I didn’t even know I was pregnant!! I had been having quiet a rough time with UTIs so late one night it appeared that i was once again having one and I called my boyfriend to come get me and take me to the ER. Well, we get there and they make you pee in a cup so they can run some tests… The doctor came in after what seemed like forever and said word for word….”Well you don’t have a UTI….” “You’re pregnant”. I heard those words by myself as she had asked for my boyfriend to wait outside the room… Oh boy!! the shock I was in… When they finally discharged me it took over 5 tries to get my blood pressure because I was shaking so much!

For me and pregnancy I have been lucky… after my first I mean… About knowing that something was up with my body. For my second, yet again another surprise!

My daughter was about 5 1/2 months old and I had become quiet a grouch! I found out October 7, 2007 that I was expecting again. My Husband was in the shower as we were getting ready for church and I did the “deed” and all I remember was boom! two pink lines staring back at me. I started crying and showed it to the hubbs… Honestly I balled my eyes out! I was in no way ready to have not just 1 baby but 2!

Baby #3 was a bit different. Not really planned but also not prevented… We ended up going to KY for thanksgiving. My husband has family up there and they make some delicious food…. Once again I had been grouchy! On our way home I way I was a mean grouch… tired, cranky…..who knows what else… well, we got home pretty late that night and I decided to do the “deed”  – came up a faint positive… I showed it to my husband who then preceded to go out the front door and go buy cigarettes. Since then he has stopped smoking and it’s been about 6 months or so.

And that brings us up to baby #4. This baby was really my idea… I wanted to plan “something”. I didn’t end up planning my marriage or my first 2 technically 3 children, so I really wanted something planned. And now here we are… A day away from week 10 and I am ready for my hormones to settle out….

So, there’s a bit of my story….a tad bit long. but we will continue again soon…



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I am a Southern girl....Born and raised in Georgia. I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children and i have been blessed and given the honor of being a mom to a 4th! I look forward to sharing my experiences and learning from yours!

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  1. All babies planned or not are a blessing, Im sure there are alot of people running around out there that were in fact unplanned so Congrats one your latest pregnancy!

  2. thank you

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