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Joined Dec. 18, 2014 11:44am

MalPal85's Pregnancy

My Due Date: August 25, 2019
I am 35 weeks and 1 day pregnant » 34 days to go
Age: 33 years old
Location: Upstate NY (NOT NYC), United States

My Journal

A little Update
Posted 8 weeks ago - 85 views - 2 comments
Actually not much to up date but it has been a while. Is no one on this site anymore or did everyone block me because I'm not seeing very many updates!? I'm sicker than a dog right now. Sore th... [Read more]
Anatomy Scan
Posted 16 weeks ago - 112 views - 0 comments
Had the anatomy ultrasound scan done today. All looked good and official results will be in shortly. Small tear in the placenta has resolved which I kind of suspected because I haven't had any spott... [Read more]
Post Appointment News
Posted 18 weeks ago - 172 views - 4 comments
Had a regular scheduled appointment today. Mentioned that I was still bleeding off and on but not heavy. She was able to find the heartbeat with the doppler but baby kept moving so she could only ge... [Read more]
Another Bleeding Episode Because, Why The Hell Not!?
Posted 20 weeks ago - 108 views - 5 comments
Only 14 weeks and totally over it girls. Woke yesterday morning at around 1:00am to another "gush" of blood. Thank God I'm smart enough to wear a pad 24/7 now (FML). Only one gush and the... [Read more]
12 Week Appt.
Posted 22 weeks ago - 55 views - 0 comments
Not really much to report. Everything went well at my 12 week appointment. BP was 118/70 something. Lost 4 lbs which I have no idea how that happened. I'm already overweight though so definitely n... [Read more]
Genetic/Gender Results are in!
Posted 23 weeks ago - 156 views - 3 comments
I still cannot get over how much technology has advanced since we had Colton in December 2015! We got the genetic/gender results back in a VERY timely fashion, a week and one day after I got the bloo... [Read more]
Bleeding Scare
Posted 24 weeks ago - 67 views - 0 comments
Had a bleeding scare this past Friday. Had one with Colton as well at ~13 weeks. This one was 9 weeks. Never a dull moment for me. Pregnancy is a real bitch for me. TMI, stood up from my desk o... [Read more]
2nd Ultrasound
Posted 26 weeks ago - 74 views - 1 comment
Had my second ultrasound today and then met with my Doctor, whom I adore. Today is 8 weeks, 4 days based on LMP and I believe she said I'm measuring around 8 weeks, 6 days so pretty much right on tar... [Read more]