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36 weeks - Growth scan update and c-section fears
By calvingirl » Posted Dec. 4, 2018 5:11pm - 838 views - 6 comments

We had her LAST growth scan yesterday and she's measuring in the 27th percentile overall, but most importantly they said, her abdomen is measuring 39% - which is excellent! Means she doesn't have IUGR and is just a smaller baby. Even with that, they estimate 5lbs, 10oz so far. She passed all her milestones and is practicing breathing like a champ. All organs working well. She was sideways on Friday, but some Spinning Babies poses and a lot of activity this weekend got her head down! So I have a chance at a vaginal birth, which I'm thrilled about. We got an amazing shot of her face and she's so chubby and cute already!

I'm feeling fine. Tired easily and achy, but no where near ready to go. No discharge. BH contractions just a couple a day, same as the last two months. She's head down so I have to pee more often and walking induces some major lightning crotch, but my body clearly has 4 more weeks to go (36 weeks today). She's moving a lot though, and on the track to be a 6-7lb baby which is amazing!

Speaking of which, the plan is still to induce early on Dec 18th (38 wks), I'm hoping my body gets a little more ready in the next two weeks so the induction won't fail. It's my last baby, so I don't care if I have a C-section for myself, but I REALLY want to hold her and bond with her in the first hour. It's about the most important thing to me ever. If I have to wait 1-2 hrs before I get to hold her or nurse her, and she's had her rare awake time with dad and nurses before me, I'll grieve. I don't think I'll believe that she's mine and alive until I get to see her and memorize her face...and a brief glance after they pull her out is not going to be enough for me. It's what I'm most worried about.

Sooo....now that she's doing so well, I might be able to talk to Dr. about putting off the induction till Dec 26th (39 wks). My body would probably respond better to induction if I was closer to my due date. My DH wants her out now, but he's had 4 preemies with his 1st wife, so the idea of waiting till full term is alien to him. He thinks NICU is a natural part of childbirth @@ and doesn't put any stock in the "magic hour". His ex-wife also bottle-fed, so getting a good start on breastfeeding is not something he values either. (Mind you, he has 4 kids and 3 are special needs due to their premature birth complications - not something I want to repeat). But he's married to me now, and those things are VERY important to me. I'll accept it if I have to and I know in the long run, it probably won't make a big difference - thousands of moms have babies by C-section every day and still bond with their babies, but I'm going to work my hardest to get her out the normal way. It's become this emotional trigger for me now, and no one says pregnancy hormones have to be logical.

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from snolie14 » Posted Dec. 6, 2018 3:32pm
...I had a long, complicated delivery and I didn't see her for 24 hours after delivery. I was hoping to nurse her soon after delivery, but I lost too much blood and she had a little trouble breathing (she was 36 weeks). I bonded as soon as i held her!! Nursing was easy and I'm still nursing today (she'll be 5 months on the 18th). Try not to stress about bonding immediately... it will come! I was nervous and scared, but we knew my complications going in, the type we didn't. Increta is scary... 6 hour delivery was scary (surgery)... but it all worked out in the end, and I've got an amazing little girl!! Enjoy baby girl growing and moving around! I miss it, and knowing i can never have anymore, it's sad, but I'm too old LOL Your little miracle will be yours forever <3

Comment from hayleycynthia » Posted Dec. 5, 2018 1:08pm
With my first, a c-section, I got to hold her before they even cut the cord! Then she sat with my husband while they stitched me up and then the Dr put her skin-to-skin with me while they wheeled me back to my room. For the first 12 hours they kept her with me as long as my mom or hubby were in the room. After the cather was out she was all mine.

Talk to your dr. As long as baby is healthy there is no reason not to have baby with you.

Comment from sonata85 » Posted Dec. 5, 2018 2:26am
I completely understand your fears, but unless there is a reason to rush the baby off to the NICU, you’ll get to hold baby soon after c-section. My first was a failed induction at 36 weeks. 5 months of pumping for her, then formula after that. With my 34-weaker, she had to be taken away after the c-section for breathing issues, but I got pics of her being born, of kissing her, of my husband cutting the cord. Neither birth was what I wanted but I got the babies I wanted. No longterm issues due to prematurity. Your babe is already a great size. I was pumping for my 2nd girl as soon as I got to recovery, so your baby will be with you to nurse very soon after birth either way. But I get it—I wanted a natural birth and exclusive breastfeeding. I grieve, but never have I not felt bonded to my girls. You’re getting close so I pray you get the experience you want!

Comment from cmere84 » Posted Dec. 4, 2018 11:54pm
My membranes were stripped on Wednesday. I went in Thursday evening for induction and was already having contractions. That was at 39wks. She wasnt handling the pitocin or contractions. It had nothing to do with the induction though, she was just having issues with a severely deteriorating placenta. I agree with trying to strip the membranes first. I was having contractions within an hour of it being done.

Comment from BabyBiggles » Posted Dec. 4, 2018 9:44pm
Glad to hear all is looking good and I hope it all goes well for you. Not sure of all the details exactly but just wanted to say that I had two csections and they just gave baby a quick health check in the same room then I had them to hold. I had asked for my husband to hold for a while getting stitched up but we weren't apart for long at all and breastfed both successfully in recovery. Just in case that's the way things go, if it's a section it doesn't mean you can't have the experiences you want. But yeah I'd be the same for trying to keep baby in as long as possible!

Comment from ericalee2 » Posted Dec. 4, 2018 7:27pm
Everyone is different, but here's my little experience with inductions. With my daughter they let me wait until 39.5 weeks (i can't go to full term because of my immune system stuff. they really preferred 39w but I begged). They used pitocin and it took DAYS to have her. Yuck. With my second birth, my OB stripped my membranes at 38w4d due to the upcoming holiday weekend. She said "if your body is ready, you'll go into labor. If it's not, it just won't. 50/50 chance". Well apparently my body WAS ready and about 16 hours later we were off to the races. My labor was very fast compared with the pitocin induction. Getting to the point of my long-winded story. Would they let you try stripping your membranes at 38w and see if your body starts on its own? Or is it full hospital induction or nothing?

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