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Category: Pregnancy Fashion & Beauty

Asked by Starshine22

Q: With all the theories out there what is your guess on what my baby #3 will be?

Well me and my husband have 2 girls and are expecting baby #3 and will find out what we are having on August 10th. With all the theories out there I’m wondering what others will guess. Baby’s heart rate 168. And my ultrasound has been added on here so you will find them on my page. If you are guessing by looking at my ultrasound you should know it was done on my stomach. So what are your guesses? Have fun!

This question was asked Jul. 29, 2018 4:06pm
Category: Pregnancy Fashion & Beauty

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Answered by senyeart4 - Aug. 1, 2018 6:41pm
My guess is another girl!

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