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dakotagurrl's Pregnancy

My Due Date: June 24, 2019
I am 35 weeks and 0 days pregnant » 35 days to go
Age: 40 years old
Location: Canada

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Back to positive mode =))
By dakotagurrl » Posted 23 weeks ago - 358 views - 10 comments

So I had my NT today, but first had to run to my OB's office to grab the paperwork. Attached to the paperwork was the dating scan findings. The sac was behind by 2w2d at that appt...she also couldn't locate my left ovary. So, seeing this upset me a bit cuz that means there's now 2 scans confirming a sac behind by 2+wks. Ok, so I go downstairs to the clinic and am taken in within a minute or so. The woman was such a doll...so friendly and smiley. She took all her measurements then turned the screen so I could see baby. He was active and happy looking. He didn't look overly cramped in his little home but I figured I'd ask about it anyways. She flat out told me to ignore that. They don't even measure that at this point becuz results are easily skewed by angles and the fact that the sac isn't perfectly round etc. She said in her opinion everything looked normal. Idk if I just hear what I want, or what, but I believe her. I mean, there's a reason my OB only deals with this place and I trust him, so I should trust the ones he trusts, right?! Either way, it sure made me feel better. I asked if she could see a bleed, she said there's a small one but it looks like it's going away cuz it's not overly large or apparent. Makes sense since I'm down to brown spotting that I barely see in a liner now. Yay! Baby is measuring at 12w1d today, so I imagine my Dr will be changing my due date from the dating scan. The speed he's growing at, compared to my other monsters, I'm officially guessing boy! I'm never right! Seriously, 0 for 4...so it's probably a girl. A boy works with the baby pattern I seem to have, also. Boy, girl, boy, girl...boy? We'll see soon enough. I think I have an early anomaly for this one.

So there's my (unofficial) update! I will have an official official one next Tuesday. The wait isn't as scary now...even if she was just blowing smoke up my ass to calm my nerves. She really had no reason to tho. She knows nothing of my history and I wasn't a jittery mess. It is what it is! I will continue to enjoy every moment I have with this little one.

Hope ur all well! Best of luck to those waiting to pop. Be strong, be patient and most of all, stay positive! U got this!! =))

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from MalPal85 » Posted 22 weeks ago
So glad the woman was decent! Great news! Love the ultrasound pic!

Comment from dakotagurrl » Posted 23 weeks ago
U girls rock! Thank u for the kind words and experiences!! I will definitely update on what my OB has to say. I'm glad the 11 long-ass days of worry were widdled down to like 7ish. =))

Ang, lmao *if* u have another one? Ur too cute...I can see u going to 8. I'll humour u tho...*if* ;) u have another! ;)

Comment from Angela18 » Posted 23 weeks ago
Look at that big belly! Much better pic. I’m so glad things are looking better, you need a smooth ride from here on out. As usual I’m praying every day for you.

I was off with the gender of this one, when I’m usually right on. My mom says when daddy’s are older it makes for higher chance of a girl but I don’t know if any of that is true. If we do this again hubby wants a boy...I just want the next one to look like me, this poor girl looks exactly like daddy (he’s not the prettiest lol)

Comment from Kitten90 » Posted 23 weeks ago
I had the same issue with my left ovary with this pregnancy. I they haven't been able to find it the whole time. They are floating organs. My ob said it's possible that it's pushed back behind my uterus but we may never know lol

Comment from tmhess » Posted 23 weeks ago
All good news! A good ultrasound tech is a wonderful thing to have! I love the one at my OB office. She always tells me about everything she sees and she always turns on the 3D for me without me asking. She is retiring before I have to go back for my 32 week scan and I am sad! I hope she trains the new girl to be just like her!

Comment from ericalee » Posted 23 weeks ago
Oh this is awesome news!! I'm glad you called and they got you in early instead of having this in the back of your mind for over a week! Happy to hear the SCH is small and looks like it's resolving. Now you can worry about more important things.... like how you lost your left ovary. ;)

Comment from Libelula264 » Posted 23 weeks ago
Yay! :)

Comment from dakotagurrl » Posted 23 weeks ago
Lol! Right?! It can't be that hard to find, generally I try to keep it in the same area...on the left ;D)
She felt rushy...and looking at the pic, she wasn't working with anything made post 1980's haha.

Ultrasounds are tricky things tho. I had several scans when I was in labour with Edie, basically every time she deceled they were on me with an u/s. She was weighed as being 4lbs even. A cpl hours later she came out 5lb1oz. My first was guessed as high 5's to low 6's (lbs), this is going back to 2000, lil bugger came out hrs later at 8lb8oz. I didn't sit straight for a while! :/

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