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My Due Date: December 27, 2018
I have given birth!
Age: 29 years old

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40w2d update failed sweep =(
By Kitten90 » Posted 24 weeks ago - 242 views - 10 comments

Seems like we're looking at a failed sweep. Doctor performed sweep on Wednesday morning. I've been spotting since then and lots of contractions but they won't stay consistent and are not getting any stronger. I'm not really surprised, it didn't work with my last baby and I didn't really expect it to work this time either,but I was really hoping I wouldn't go overdue. My next appointment is on Wednesday if I don't have the baby by then (I really hope I do though) and the doctor will set an induction date. I just wanna cry thinking about it. I just wanted to have a natural labor without pitocin. =(

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from FlamingoGirl13 » Posted 23 weeks ago
I hope we see another update from you soon! Thinking of you and hoping you go/have gone into natural labor. One way or another that little boy will be in your arms soon.

Comment from Kitten90 » Posted 24 weeks ago
Yes my midwife said the same thing to me lol she told me don't be afraid to say no. Gonna spend a couple hours walking around today and see if I can get things started

Comment from ericalee2 » Posted 24 weeks ago
Thinking about you and so hoping you go into labor on your own. With my first I had a pitocin-induced labor and I totally understand why you want to avoid it. With my second my membranes ruptured in a slow leak and the resident that did my admission tried bullying me into starting pitocin if my labor hadn't progressed to being more active in an HOUR. I was like "uh no, I have way longer". I definitely had to be my own advocate with the residents until my MD got there, and was very grateful to have a doula to be an advocate too. I hope you have a better experience, but do NOT be afraid to question them, ask for an extra hour or two, ask what other options are available, etc. So many providers are used to the pitocin-induced and epidural labors they are on auto pilot.

Comment from Kitten90 » Posted 24 weeks ago
He's been really slow the past couple weeks. But still moving. Just tiny movements for the most part. He does roll over a couple times a day though usually. Today was a really slow day for him. Even after me drinking an iced coffee I only felt a couple kicks. If I can't get him moving good tonight I'll call in the morning. Will have to call L&D since my docs office is closed the next two days

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 24 weeks ago
Is baby still moving ok? If you’re worried, I’d call your Dr and see if you could get an us before Wednesday. I’m sure you’re probably hesitant to go to the hospital for fear of induction, but if you’re truly worried it might be worth talking to your Dr before Wednesday.

Comment from Kitten90 » Posted 24 weeks ago
I'm just really nervous because my fundal height has not changed since 36 weeks. I hope they will do an ultrasound at my appointment on Wednesday to check my fluid levels and the placenta. I stopped gaining for 2 weeks then last week I went up 3 lbs. Most of which I think is in my legs =/

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 24 weeks ago
Aww so sorry to hear this but you do have some time left still! I hope things get moving naturally and you have the delivery experience you want. I wish this for everyone, and especially that the new hospital will listen to you. Looking forward to your birth announcement

Comment from Kitten90 » Posted 24 weeks ago
I'm hoping since I'm at a different hospital this time they will maybe have better bedside manner and actually explain my options to me instead of bullying me into stuff I don't want to do

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