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Joined Oct. 21, 2016 3:48pm

sonata85's Pregnancy

My Due Date: May 1, 2020
I have given birth!
Age: 34 years old

My Journal

Baby Update: 1 month old!
Posted 11 weeks ago - 388 views - 2 comments
Hi ladies! I hope you’re all staying safe and well in these crazy days. Just giving a little update. My 33-weeker is still in the NICU but hopefully only 1-2 weeks from coming home. I haven&rsqu... [Read more]
Preeclampsia again
Posted 18 weeks ago - 197 views - 3 comments
Well for the third time, I have preeclampsia. Yep. I went in for my biophysical profile and Doppler last Friday morning. The Doppler was slightly elevated meaning the baby isn’t getting quite as... [Read more]
Growth Scan update
Posted 20 weeks ago - 584 views - 5 comments
Hi Ladies and hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day! Sad again to see losses on here. I hope rainbow babies are just around the corner. I had my growth ultrasound and biophysical profile ultrasou... [Read more]
Once again—huge bump but tiny baby
Posted 24 weeks ago - 185 views - 7 comments
Hi ladies- so I had my follow-up ultrasound at the high risk clinic on Friday at 25 weeks. The 3rd ventricle in the brain hasn’t gotten any bigger. In fact it was just a tiny bit smaller, so it&... [Read more]
Advice needed: breastfeeding anxiety
Posted 27 weeks ago - 384 views - 18 comments
Hi Ladies—Happy New Year! I’ll be 23 weeks tomorrow, and though baby is hopefully a good 14-17 weeks away from arriving, I’m already worried about breastfeeding. Before I had my 1st ... [Read more]
Good news
Posted 28 weeks ago - 130 views - 6 comments
Hi Ladies—just following up with the results of my second anatomy scan. The US tech at the high risk clinic was able to get almost all of the necessary pics except for a few views of the heart. ... [Read more]
Repeat anatomy scan next Thursday
Posted 29 weeks ago - 129 views - 5 comments
Hi Ladies- I’m really sad to see the losses on here recently. Praying for healing and rainbow babies to come. I wish I had really good news, but everything is a waiting game at this point. I had... [Read more]
Update from OB appointment at 17 weeks
Posted 32 weeks ago - 203 views - 7 comments
Hi ladies! Just reporting what my OB said about the 8mm cyst in my placenta. She said it’s a placental lake, which is just a small collection of my blood in the placenta. It’s like a SCH j... [Read more]